5 Fad Diets to Ditch in 2020

5 Fad Diets to Ditch in 2020

If you’re an endurance athlete pushing for your best performance possible, then trendy diets such as keto or Whole30 aren’t on our recommendation lists. We talked to a couple of experts, and we all agree: It’s time to let go of these diet fads, once and for all. (It’s worth noting that if any of the following diets do work for you, you don’t need to stop cold-turkey—different things work for different people. Consult your doctor to make sure you’re properly taking care of your body’s needs, avoiding food allergies, etc.) Here is the list of the five fad diets you should ditch in 2020.

  1. Paleo
  2. Keto
  3. Whole 30
  4. Gluten-free
  5. Fat-free

Get the full low-down on why you might want to drop these diets here.

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